Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Thirty-Eighth Milestone

Well, many people have asked for another milestone blog entry. I am flattered. Yet the interesting thing to me is that you get to read both of these posts in one evening while for me it has been a whole year since I posted 'The 37th Milestone.'

And a lot has changed in that year.

I now live in Prague, Czech Republic. I am learning Czech. Its a cool language.
I now live in a flat with two awesome girls, one from France, the other from Tennessee. I play piano at a hostel, I tell stories at night tours, and I teach English. And all of these together sustain my living. It is awesome - Every one of these "activities" I love, and I get paid for each one of them!

Also, I've met a lot of girls since I arrived here.  I had a brief romance with a Czech girl who is now  one of my closets friends. In fact, all of my friends here are girls, including my BFF from Budapesht.

And yes, I am still single.

I am now spectacularizing the flat where I live. I am pimping out the bedroom and bathroom. I love doing home-improvement stuff like that. I love to cook as well, and in Prague I have cooked often and for many people.

I've gotten to know every winding street and vista in this Magic City.

I watched a 'fight club style' tournament of medieval armoured fighters in a list surrounded by crowded stands. I was in the front row.

I've rowed a boat round the Vltava River with an adorable friend.

I've been to Budapesht.

So, truly, much has changed since I was living in Upstate New York. Ha! I can't say that I had predicted all of this, but Prague has been everything that I could have hoped for... And more.

I sincerely wish that all people get to experience fulfilment like I am doing now.

The Thirty-Eighth Milestone.
38 years old.
Man, it feels weird to write that number.
Even more so to read it.
Am I supposed to feel old?
Because I don't.
Not at all.
I am exactly where I want to be.
And I am exactly who I want to be.

na zdravi

-Georg Freese
June 3, 2015

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